DIY Christmas Paper Advent Calendar(1)

DIY  Christmas Paper Advent Calendar(1)

Today to get a head start on our Christmas decorating, I’m going to show you how to make an advent calendar out of paper and gift boxes, it’s so easy.
It’s gonna look like a mini forest, super cute, let’s get into it.
So you’re going to start with all the green craft paper you have, and this is a great project to use up any scraps that you’ve been holding onto.

Then grab a scrap piece of paper, fold it in half, and cut out some triangles.
You’ll want a few different sizes for all your different trees.
Then pick a triangle and trace it twice onto your first piece of green paper.

Now cut halfway up from the bottom on one triangle, and you’ll want to cut a tiny slit that’s the same width as the thickness of the paper.

To be continued......



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