DIY Christmas Origami (1)

DIY Christmas Origami (1)

First up we’re going to make an origami bow and put it on an adorable Christmas card.
You’ll want a piece of origami paper, or any lightweight paper that you have around.

Fold it in half horizontally and diagonally.

Then grab these two corners and pull them inwards so you get a square.

And now fold down your top corner and unfold the whole thing.

Now this part is a little tricky, but basically you want to repeat folding it down into a square, only this time the smaller square on the inside should fold inwards.

And make sure that if your paper is one-sided, that the back of your paper is on the outside.

Then fold the top edges down on each side.

Now carefully open the whole thing up and press it flat, and you should see a small square like this.

Grab your scissors and carefully cut the fold lines.


Now it’s just a bit more folding, and there’s not really much to explain here, just follow along with what I’m doing on screen.

Once you’ve gotten to this point, grab a pencil to roll up the sections that are sticking out and stick the tips into the center square.

You can use a bit of glue to make sure it’s really secure.

You could use this when you’re wrapping presents or you could make a cute card.

Just grab cardstock, a hole punch, a marker, double sided tape, and a glue stick.

Fold and cut down your cardstock to make a card.

And then use double sided tape to stick your bow right in the center.

And then use double sided tape to stick your bow right in the center.

Use a hole punch to punch out some polka dots.

Arrange your dots on the card and use a glue stick to glue them down.

And that’s it.

Next time we’re going to make this cute little Christmas tree.

To be continued......💝💝💝


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